How to Choose the Best Dress for This V-Days


Hey, beautiful girls, it's Wanda Gold again from Fash Boulevard. Whatever of your relationship status, Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to wear your best and a pretty dress to look hot and romantic. Celebrate Valentine's Day and your special date-night festivities you have planned!

We usually go out to dinner for a normal day with a different type of dresses, whatever the color, it does not matter. But if you are planning a date night with your valentine then you must choose the best color, design along with style. I have to walk a fine line between style and function because it’s cold, yo!


To wear your heart on your sleeve is endearing.  When it comes to Valentine day dresses ideas, you want to be romantic and gorgeous, am I right? You have to remember some factors before selecting a dress.


Let's choose the color


If you have a strong relationship with your boyfriend then you must choose the red color dress. And your handbag should be gold or black or red shaded. Black shoes and pretty and simple ornaments will give you an extraordinary look.


But if you choose someone else then you should wear a light color dress. It can be a light pink, rosy, lemon and much more. If you are planning to spend this Valentine day with your besties then you can also choose these pretty color.


Makeup Ideas for V-Day


After selecting your dress or other accessories your next step will be choosing your makeup. You know, it's a very special day for lovers so, you should choose perfect makeup ideas and your hair style too. Give a focus on your eye makeup and make it gorgeous using pretty and light makeup. Curly or volume hair will be the best hairstyle for your special day.


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